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1st Stage - Feasibility Study

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2nd Stage - Due Diligence

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3rd Stage - After an ESOP Transaction

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Picking an ESOP Advisor Who's Right For Your Company

Creating an ESOP includes 3 stages - first, a feasibility study to estimate the impact of an ESOP; second, due diligence during the transaction, to ensure fairness and regulatory compliance; and third, responsible management of the ESOP trust and good record-keeping.

Moreover, communication with the workers is key. At each stage of ESOP implementation, it's crucial to have a) open and sound communication between ESOP advisors, company owners and rank-and-file employees; b) a thorough effort to educate employees on what it means to be an ESOP participant; and c) an honest and fair accounting of the ESOP's effects on the company and its workers. An ESOP advisor must not only be good at their job, but also at communicating and explaining their job to company employees.

All of the advisors listed on our site have a proven record of professionalism and great communication skills. Pick any stage of an ESOP transaction on this page, and click on any category to view a listing of the best ESOP advisors near you!