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Dan Markowitz - Boulay

Family Business Advisors in Eden Prairie, MN

Dan is the leader of Boulay’s ESOP practice. He specializes in audit and other financial reporting engagements for public, private and ESOP-owned clients in a variety of industries including retail, engineering, professional services, real estate, and manufacturing and distribution. Dan ...
Jack Veale - PTCFO INC.

Family Business Advisors in West Hartford, CT

Jack Veale is a nationally recognized business advisor, strategist, and speaker who earned his BS in Business Administration from Norwich University in Northfield, VT and his MBA from Boise State University, in Boise, Idaho, and his CMC (Certified Management Consultant) from the Institute of M...
Jennifer Shirkey - Flora Pettit

Family Business Advisors in Harrisonburg, VA

Jennifer advises on the tax and business aspects of for-profit and non-profit entity startups, as well as their ongoing operations and mergers and acquisitions. She has worked extensively with health care providers and educational institutions on benefits and tax compliance issues. In wor...

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A Well-Structured ESOP Can Help with your Family Business Ownership Transition

While ESOPs sound like a mysterious financial instrument, they can be extremely helpful in managing ownership transition and succession process in family-owned businesses and partnerships. Many times, owners of businesses who are considering retirement are unwilling to sell their company to a large corporation, for fear of the impact the change will have on their current employees.

In some cases, they need to buy out a partner or family member, but suffer from low cash flow. ESOPs are a way for owners to avoid layoffs, downsizing, or unmanageable debt as a result of such a buyout, as many owners choose to transfer ownership of their company either to one or more of their family members, or the company's workers themselves. An ESOP is a plan that can allow for such a transition.

With a well-structured ESOP, a business owner can hand out ownership shares of the company to individuals who may not have the resources to buy the company outright. Buying out your family or partners and distributing your business through an ESOP will almost certainly have a beneficial effect on profitability, due to the tax benefits and higher employee morale. Our ESOP advisors with experience in advising family businesses will have the solutions that help reduce conflicts and resistance, while increasing trust and leadership capability.