FREE ESOP QUIZ (Feasibility)

Welcome to our Free ESOP Quiz that will help you discover if you are ready and able to create an ESOP in your company. This ESOP quiz is not a final answer, as ESOP companies come in all kinds shapes and sizes. Today, you will find an ESOP in large companies like Walmart or AT&T, as well as small companies with a few employees.

We designed our ESOP quiz to help you know if an ESOP is right for you. Please take a few minutes and answer the TRUE or FALSE questions; as they describe your company in certain ways that can help you understand if your company is ready.

We also designed our ESOP quiz so that you will receive an email with your answers, in order to share those answers with your advisors and/or others. We do not collect email addresses to sell to others, nor share with anyone outside of the advisors participating in our website. If you would like us to reach out to you, please let us know by selecting date and time, and by email or phone call. "No Thanks" means we won't follow up, but may add you to our email list for quarterly updates.

Please Take our 21-point ESOP Quiz below
1) My company's annual EBITDA (not Sales) is greater than $2,000,000
2) My company's annual net profit before taxes is greater than $600,000
3) My company employs more than 100 non-union employees
4) My company employs more than 20 non-union employees
5) We recently had a company valuation, and the value was significant
6) My company currently contributes to one or more qualified retirement plans for its employees (e.g., 401k plan, profit sharing plan, defined benefit plan, etc.)
7) My company has received serious offers to purchase the company (by management or third parties) and the owners are looking for an alternative buyer
8) Our owners, which could be family, partners, investors, trustees, and/or corporate shareholder(s) are now discussing or are interested in selling their stock
9) The company's owners are concerned that if they sell to an outside 3rd party, the employees will be harmed or the company will not retain the legacy of the previous owners
10) My company experienced continued increases in profitability in the last two years
11) Our management team is ready or could be ready in 3 to 5 years to assume most of the responsibilities to run the company without the current president/owner
12) Our company is a C corporation, with a sizable block of shareholders wanting to sell their shares
13) Our company is an S corporation, and distributions to shareholders is more than $100,000 a year to help pay their taxes
14) My company currently pays, believes in, or is interested in rewarding employees with incentive compensation, for the success they create for the company
15) My company operates in more than one state
16) My company's owners/executives desire to work less than usual while still running the company
17) The company's marketplace is growing or the company is exciting to work in, as it is growing in spite of the marketplace
18) There are family members identified or capable for management succession or to run the company
19) The company's owners have buy-sell agreements in place to provide a smooth ownership transition
20) We try to reduce company taxes by paying significant compensation, fringe benefits or other compensation/accounting methods
21) My company's owners already share management information, such as the company's financial and operational performance, to managers and other key employees

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