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Andy Manchir - Katz, Sapper & Miller

ESOP Feasibility Study in Indianapolis, IN

Andy Manchir serves as director in Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Valuation and ESOP Services Groups. Andy advises clients on business valuation and strategy and advises them on succession planning options, including ESOP, third-party sales, or family transitions. He has extensive experienc...
Aaron Pryor - Acclaro Valuation Advisors

ESOP Feasibility Study in Omaha, NE

Aaron Pryor has provided valuation and consulting services since 2005. He provides valuations for employee stock ownership plans and helps ESOP companies with transactional issues. Mr. Pryor maintains the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) creden...
Peter Abrahamson - ESOP Structuring Specialists, Inc

ESOP Feasibility Study in Lake Barrington, IL

Before creating es2, Peter was Managing Director and Technical Director at Verit Advisors, LLC.  While there, Peter performed the technical aspects of ESOP financial modeling, valuation, tax, accounting and human capital topics for Verit clients.  Prior to Verit, Peter man...
Michael Krucker - Plante Moran

ESOP Feasibility Study in Detroit, MI

Michael is leader of our employee benefits consulting group, advising clients on designing, implementing, and operating employee benefit programs to stay competitive in the market and increase employee engagement. Mr. Krucker specializes in qualified retirement plans, including ESOPs. Addition...
Terry Griswold - Empire Valuation Consultants, LLC

ESOP Feasibility Study in Rochester, NY

Terry is an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) of the American Society of Appraisers (also “ASA”) and cofounder of Empire Valuation Consultants, LLC. He has over twenty-five years of accounting, corporate finance and business valuation experience. He spent six years...
Christopher Kramer - Acuity Advisors

ESOP Feasibility Study in South Coast Metro, CA

Chris brings to Acuity Advisors and its clients over 30 years of financial advisory and investment banking experience. He has extensive expertise in structuring and negotiating transactions across a wide variety of industries, and has prepared financial opinions addressing the value of common ...
John E. Johnson - John E Johnson LLC

ESOP Feasibility Study in Incline Village, NV

In brief, I have 30 years of experience as a business appraiser. During this time, I have valued companies and business interests that have ranged from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few billion dollars.  
Edward (Ed) Wilusz - Value Management Inc

ESOP Feasibility Study in Jamison, PA

Ed Wilusz, ASA, CFA, MBA, is the Managing Director and Founder of Value Management Inc., an investment banking and business valuation advisory firm. He has been active in this field since 1980. He has conducted, supervised or reviewed thousands of business appraisals and been involved in hundr...
Chris E. Best - Acclaro Valuation Advisors

ESOP Feasibility Study in Kissimmee, FL

Chris Best has provided business valuation services to privately held businesses since 1987. He is a leading authority on the valuation of businesses that sponsor employee stock ownership plans and the review of ESOP valuation reports for credibility and compliance with standards. M...
Phil Hayes - Berman Hopkins Wright & Laham

ESOP Feasibility Study in Melbourne, FL

Charles Coyne - Empire Valuation Consultants, LLC

ESOP Feasibility Study in New York, NY

Chuck Coyne is a Managing Director of Empire Valuation Consultants, LLC.  Empire specializes in providing valuation and financial advisory services to privately held companies including ESOP financial advisory and valuation services to assist clients with ownership transition strategies. ...
Dan Markowitz - Boulay

ESOP Feasibility Study in Eden Prairie, MN

Dan is the leader of Boulay’s ESOP practice. He specializes in audit and other financial reporting engagements for public, private and ESOP-owned clients in a variety of industries including retail, engineering, professional services, real estate, and manufacturing and distribution. Dan ...
Sandy Shoemaker - Plante Moran

ESOP Feasibility Study in Denver, CO

Sandy is a partner at Plante Moran and leads the ESOP services group. She has been in public accounting since 1990, and has been with Plante Moran for more than 19 years. She works with companies on transition planning and focuses on educating executives on ESOP opportunities. Her expertise ra...
Wayne Fjeld - Acclaro Valuation Advisors

ESOP Feasibility Study in Seattle, WA

Wayne has provided valuation and consulting services since 2001. He has extensive experience with employee stock ownership plans, p...
Dan Zugell - Capstone Headwaters

ESOP Feasibility Study in Pittsburgh, PA

Dan is Senior Vice President with Capstone Headwater's ESOP Advisory Group with a wealth of  experience covering many financial service disciplines.   Dan’s experience includes the formation of MetLife’s ESOP program, as well as serving as a Director of...
Josh Billiard - Plante Moran

ESOP Feasibility Study in Fort Collins, CO

Josh is a Partner at Plante Moran and has more than 11 years of public accounting experience.  He is a member of the ESOP leadership team and is also part of the leadership team within the firm’s construction niche, as construction and related companies frequently have ESOP ownershi...
Chris Mellen - Valuation Research Corporation

ESOP Feasibility Study in Norwood, MA

Chris Mellen co-authored "Valuation for M&A: Building & Measuring Private Company Value." He has also authored several published articles on valuation-related matters, led over 100 seminars, and provided expert testimony in court. He is an active member of the AITF a...
Blake Head - BDO USA, LLP and BDO Capital Advisors, LLC

ESOP Feasibility Study in Atlanta, GA

Blake Head is a Senior Manager with BDO USA, LLP and also works as a Vice President for BDO’s Corporate Finance affiliate, BDO Capital Adviso...
John E Johnson LLC -

ESOP Marketplace connects you with local ESOP Feasibility Study

Get The Most From ESOP Feasibility Studies With Great Quarterback Advisors who use Feasibility Studies

Unlike narrow specialists, who are extremely well versed in the details of a particular ESOP structure or have broad corporate experiences but little specific ESOP knowledge, a "quarterback" advisor is someone who takes a holistic and comprehensive overview of the client company's needs, and coordinates with advisors to achieve the owners' goals.

A quarterback advisor is the person you usually need in order to conduct a broad feasibility study when exploring options for an ESOP. Such an advisor will take a broad look at your company's entire operations, conduct a company valuation and assess the impact of an ESOP on its future; a quarterback can tell you what employee stock ownership strategy makes sense for your company, how to plan for stock buyback, transfer and pay-off timing.  Our Feasibility Study Advisors offer the following to help you:

  • Understand your ESOP valuation requirement
  • Optimize tax savings
  • Manage ERISA requirements
  • Understand if an ESOP transaction is feasible
  • Understand your repurchase obligation

Whether you are considering being an ESOP, or are an ESOP, there are times when a business needs a good advisor that they don't already have.  Our FEASIBILITY STUDY and other categories represent the best advisors we could find.  Our ESOP Advisors have been checked and vetted to assure business owners and their advisors that the person they are looking at is competent, trustworthy and respected in the ESOP Community.  There are hundreds of Advisors out there offering ESOP related advice, but we have invited only the few who REALLY do many ESOPs to be placed on this site.  As you look at the maps, you will see different colors or levels of pins on the page.  Those pins in Blue or Red have financially participated in this website to assure the reader that they are committed to ESOPs, are continually educated themselves to keep up with the ever changing laws and practices, and want you to know they are equally committed to helping you with your ESOP or company issues.  The Blue and Red pins also represent they have exposed themselves to the condition of having their references checked and shared with you.  The staff at ESOP Marketplace check the references by calling and interviewing them, and then asking them to rate the participant on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest rating.  Knowing more about an advisor before you select them will help reduce, but not eliminate the risks of hiring a professional ESOP Advisor.  Our Advisors and Users agree to our terms and conditions by using our family of websites.