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Merri Ash - Internal Trustee

ESOP Communication in Phoenix, AZ

Merri has 45 years of experience in Employee Benefits, including Senior Vice President at TI-Trust; Senior Trust Officer at SunTrust; EB consultant with Wyatt Company; benefits manager at Jonathan Corp, an ESOP company; and senior benefits consultant and Team Leader with the NADA. Merri has be...
Kelly Irizarry - Prudent Fiduciary Services

ESOP Communication in Bradenton, FL

  Prior to joining Prudent Fiduciary Services, Kelly Irizarry worked for an ESOP Third Party Administrator performing annual account allocations...
Tom Murphy - Prudent Fiduciary Services

ESOP Communication in St. Paul, MN

Tom Murphy is an attorney and experienced ESOP Trustee.  Prior to joining Prudent Fiduciary Services, Mr. Murp...
Miguel Paredes - Prudent Fiduciary Services

ESOP Communication in West Covina, CA

Miguel Paredes is Founder and President of Prudent Fiduciary Services. Prior to ...
Daniel Reser - Fiduciary Services, LLC

ESOP Communication in San Rafael, CA

Mr. Reser has been a corporate fiduciary for corporate securities and reorganization transactions as well as trustee and custodian of retirement plans for over 25 years. Before founding Fiduciary Services, Inc. he was active for 17 years in Los Angeles as a Vice President and manager of corpor...
Joel Phillips - Fiduciary Services, LLC

ESOP Communication in Pocatello, ID

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Improve your ownership culture and employee morale using ESOP Committees

While it has been shown that receiving company shares through an ESOP can have a great positive effect on employee morale, by helping them feel a personal stake in the company and promoting a culture of ownership on all levels, this can only come about if workers are properly informed about the ESOP and how it benefits them.

During any major transition period at their company, workers are likely to be anxious about suffering pay cuts or losing their livelihoods outright. Worker cynicism is a persistent problem that businesses have to face, and this is why proper communication with employees is essential at all stages of setting up and running an ESOP. A well-developed ESOP committee is the team that is responsible for making sure your employees understand what an ESOP is, that they receive regular updates concerning the ESOP set-up process, that they are encouraged to participate in the decision-making, and that they feel that their voices are heard by management.

A competent ESOP committee can mean the difference between a workplace where an ownership culture is flourishing, and one where employee cynicism has taken root. Our advisors are knowledgeable on setting up and coaching ESOP committees on communication and ownership culture activities.