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Tom Murphy

Name: Tom Murphy
Company: Prudent Fiduciary Services
Title: Associate VP

p: 626-549-1410
f: 626-384-9942
Main St
St. Paul, MN 55118
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Tom Murphy is an attorney and experienced ESOP Trustee.  Prior to joining Prudent Fiduciary Services, Mr. Murphy spent 3 and half years as an Institutional ESOP Trustee with Bremer Bank, headquartered in St. Paul, MN. 


Prior to coming to the ESOP space, Mr. Murphy spent 7 years in the document and contract review field.  Mr. Murphy spent time reviewing contracts for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, approving hundreds of contracts, grants, and research agreements with various private entities, public and private institutions, and other government agencies.


Mr. Murphy graduated from the University of Saint Thomas in St. Paul, MN with a BA in political science and received his JD also from Saint Thomas.  Mr. Murphy is a member of the State Bar of Minnesota.


Mr. Murphy brings ESOP fiduciary knowledge and experience to the firm, particularly with respect to ESOP transactions, plan mechanics, and relationship management.  Mr. Murphy also brings third party administration expertise and experience from his time at Bremer. 

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