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Merri Ash - Internal Trustee

Company Directors, Governance in Phoenix, AZ

Merri has 45 years of experience in Employee Benefits, including Senior Vice President at TI-Trust; Senior Trust Officer at SunTrust; EB consultant with Wyatt Company; benefits manager at Jonathan Corp, an ESOP company; and senior benefits consultant and Team Leader with the NADA. Merri has be...
Jack Veale - PTCFO INC.

Company Directors, Governance in West Hartford, CT

Jack Veale is a nationally recognized business advisor, strategist, and speaker who earned his BS in Business Administration from Norwich University in Northfield, VT and his MBA from Boise State University, in Boise, Idaho, and his CMC (Certified Management Consultant) from the Institute of M...
Daniel Reser - Fiduciary Services, LLC

Company Directors, Governance in San Rafael, CA

Mr. Reser has been a corporate fiduciary for corporate securities and reorganization transactions as well as trustee and custodian of retirement plans for over 25 years. Before founding Fiduciary Services, Inc. he was active for 17 years in Los Angeles as a Vice President and manager of corpor...

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Do You Have a Board That Will Sustain the Company?

An NCEO study showed that ESOP companies that pass through several generations of management have boards with independent directors, and have an independent trustee. For family businesses in an ESOP, having these governance structures reduce conflicts and improve management effectiveness. Independent directors do not want to fire the CEO or their key people. They do want to join a board where management is motivated to grow the company, and are asking their board to help them.

Our ESOP advisors and Trustees are well versed in corporate governance and can help boards improve their governance structures and meetings. Good corporate governance practices are essential to maintaining good communication within the company, exhibiting flexibility in dealing with challenges, and making sure that decisions are made after careful consideration, disseminated at all necessary levels and implemented quickly and effectively.

In order to streamline the decision-making process, discover inefficiencies and blind spots, and improve performance at all levels, a forward-thinking corporate board always seeks to find the cutting edge in effective governance practices. On our site, we offer listings for companies and advisors who have extensive experience helping corporate boards improve their practices, and they will help your company, as well.

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