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Edward (Ed) Wilusz - Value Management Inc

Investment Bankers in Jamison, PA

Ed Wilusz, ASA, CFA, MBA, is the Managing Director and Founder of Value Management Inc., an investment banking and business valuation advisory firm. He has been active in this field since 1980. He has conducted, supervised or reviewed thousands of business appraisals and been involved in hundr...
Peter Abrahamson - ESOP Structuring Specialists, Inc

Investment Bankers in Lake Barrington, IL

Before creating es2, Peter was Managing Director and Technical Director at Verit Advisors, LLC.  While there, Peter performed the technical aspects of ESOP financial modeling, valuation, tax, accounting and human capital topics for Verit clients.  Prior to Verit, Peter man...
Dan Zugell - Capstone Headwaters

Investment Bankers in Pittsburgh, PA

Dan is Senior Vice President with Capstone Headwater's ESOP Advisory Group with a wealth of  experience covering many financial service disciplines.   Dan’s experience includes the formation of MetLife’s ESOP program, as well as serving as a Director of...
Blake Head - BDO USA, LLP and BDO Capital Advisors, LLC

Investment Bankers in Atlanta, GA

Blake Head is a Senior Manager with BDO USA, LLP and also works as a Vice President for BDO’s Corporate Finance affiliate, BDO Capital Adviso...
Christopher Kramer - Acuity Advisors

Investment Bankers in South Coast Metro, CA

Chris brings to Acuity Advisors and its clients over 30 years of financial advisory and investment banking experience. He has extensive expertise in structuring and negotiating transactions across a wide variety of industries, and has prepared financial opinions addressing the value of common ...

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Delivering ESOP Investment Banking Solutions To Growing Businesses

A typical business owner who's nearing retirement rarely has the experience or network of safe and reasonable financing sources to help fund their exit plan. An investment banker is a person, or firm, that works with the business owner in order to develop a plan that helps the owner liquefy their ownership in such a way that best fits their, and their company�s, needs. Our investment bankers have the experience to give business owners a number of alternatives, including but not limited to ESOPs, for the best chance to maximize value. An experienced ESOP investment banking firm can help your business�s financial needs when there is a need to structure an ESOP transaction and raise funds for a leveraged buyout, as well as advise you on capital strategy and liquidity management. Protect yourself and your money by only trusting investment bankers with ESOP expertise and knowledge in the area.