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R.K. Schaaf Offers ESOP Web Solutions

R.K. Schaaf Offers ESOP Web Solutions

R.K. Schaaf Associates, Inc. is one of the oldest ESOP companies in the country – Rainer Schaaf founded it in 1975, not long after ESOPs were first defined in federal law. However, since its inception, the firm has kept abreast of new technology to make ESOP administration easier and less intimidating.

For the extra convenience of its clients, R.K. Schaaf offers a cutting-edge web portal called MyESOPBenefits that allows them to store documents, keep ESOP records, transfer disclosure forms, fine-tune employee access to ESOP data, set up an easy communication hub for all ESOP plan participants and much more. All Schaaf web services are secure, confidential, and adhere to the strictest privacy standards.

The online tools and storage provided by Schaaf represent a quantum leap in terms of user-friendliness and efficiency, compared with paper-based ESOP record keeping and communication. With our powerful and secure web-based solutions, managing your company’s ESOP just got easier than you could have imagined.