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Bring Employee Ownership to Life at your Business

October is Employee Ownership Month. Are you ready? Celebrate your employee owners and the company’s success by hosting some of these fun company-wide events:

  • Volunteer for a Cause
    Find a local service project that aligns with the company’s values and spend a day volunteering. Group service is a great teambuilding exercise and provides an opportunity for employees to connect outside of a work setting. Note: Make sure to call the charity ahead of time to let them know the size of your group so they can accommodate your team.
  • Host a Lunch ‘n Learn with a Leadership Speaker
    Ask employees to vote on a topic they would like to learn about, but give them some ideas like retirement, health, and wellness or personal development. Hire an external speaker or create a panel of employees to talk about the topic most voted. Serve lunch and people are sure to show up hungry and eager to learn.
  • Create and Compete in an Old Fashioned Field Day
    A little healthy competition never hurt anyone. Divide into teams and create reasonable obstacles and races to compete in. Everyone will enjoy the fresh air and the light competition is a great way for employees to blow off steam and bond.
  • Throw a Theme Party
    What better way to celebrate than with a party? Choose a theme like the ’80s or Hollywood, and have everyone come into work dressed in costume. Business as usual in the morning, then take the afternoon off and throw a party; provide food, games, and maybe even host a costume contest.

Employee Ownership Month provides you with the perfect opportunity to promote employee ownership. Make it fun. Be sure to acknowledge and recognize the positive contributions of your employee owners.

If you need more ideas, visit our website to view our Employee Ownership toolkit: