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New ESOP Webinar Video On ESOPMarketplace

Jack Veale, founder of ESOP Marketplace, recently gave a video presentation on behalf of the Ohio Employee-Owned Network, part of the Ohio Employee Ownership Center at Kent State University.

Mr. Veale’s presentation spanned 50 minutes and covered the topic of “Board evolution,” the way boards of directors evolve in concert with the company at large. The talk also covered typical board behaviors and the way they change over time.

The talk began with the basic principles of governance, such as ethics, introduced the ESOP life spectrum from birth to stagnation and death, and discussed the requirements and challenges that face a board of directors at each stage in order to maintain profitability and growth.

Click on this link to listen to our ESOP webinar, and check in regularly for other informative talks and presentations!


Acclaro ESOP Advisor Chris Best Joins ESOP Marketplace

Acclaro Valuation Advisors is a market leader and a respected authority in the field of ESOP valuation. ESOP Marketplace is excited to represent a distinguished firm like Acclaro, and is happy to count a number of great Acclaro advisors among the site’s individual advisor listings.

One of the advisors with a personal listing on the Marketplace is Chris Best, Acclaro’s Managing Director and an expert in valuation.

Mr. Best has advised privately held businesses on issues pertaining to valuation, such as reviewing ESOP valuation reports for compliance and credibility. He is a CPA with decades of experience, whose credentials include Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV), Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA), Master Certified Business Appraiser (MCBA), and Accredited in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR).

Mr. Best has prepared over a thousand valuations, and has also developed and taught courses on appraisal, valuation and other advanced business topics.