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First Bankers Helps Small Business Owners – Testimonials

First Bankers Helps Small Business Owners – Testimonials

First Bankers Trust Company is a bank holding company whose primary mission is to help local community businesses and organizations meet financing needs. First Bankers is represented on ESOP Marketplace via a number of its ESOP advisors who offer employee-owned companies expert guidance when it comes to succession planning, governance and more.

The First Bankers website features a number of testimonials from small business owners who have benefited from an ongoing business relationship with the company. One of these tells the story of a burgeoning pet grooming business in Rushville, Illinois. The owner has had a relationship with First Bankers since 2009, when she took out a home mortgage; when it came time to open a business, First Bankers was there for her with a business loan and expert advice that helped her through the first difficult stages of setting up a business.

Read the rest of the story on the First Bankers website, and check out ESOP Marketplace listings to see how First Bankers ESOP advisors can help your business as well!