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PTCFO’s Strategic Planning Workbook For Family Owned Businesses

PTCFO’s Strategic Planning Workbook For Family Owned Businesses

PTCFO Inc., the company created and headed by ESOP Marketplace founder Jack Veale, has a mission of helping closely held and family businesses engage in sound strategic planning and management. Many non-profits and ESOP companies have benefited from PTCFO’s sound advice.

In addition to providing advisor services, Jack Veale has also compiled his expertise into a basic action plan handbook titled “Creating Strategic Innovation.” This workbook is intended to help closely held and family owned businesses develop internal leadership and problem-solving skills in order to improve efficiency and profitability.

The handbook explains principles of business problem solving to workers and management in a clear and comprehensible way, as well as helping reinforce the knowledge through team-building exercises and activities. If you’re the owner of a family business who would like to improve management practices and strategic planning, “Creating Strategic Innovation” will be of great help to you in this task.