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PTCFO Authors Articles On Corporate Governance

PTCFO Authors Articles On Corporate Governance

PTCFO, Inc., is a nationally known financial and management advisory firm that, for over 20 years, has established a reputation for deep knowledge of ESOPs, as well as competent crisis management, succession planning and corporate governance.

Among the articles PTCFO has contributed to this site, this one presents a comprehensive overview of the business life cycle, discussing the various stages in the life of a company from inception to death. As they grow and move away from their creative and free-wheeling beginnings, companies are forced to implement a scalable structure that will make an ever-larger business manageable. However, this structure can become overly conservative and bureaucratic, making it more difficult for the company to meet new challenges and adapt to changing circumstances, leading to stagnation and worse.

One of the specialties of PTCFO and its founder Jack Veale is finding ways for companies to reform their management in a way that will provide stability and a competent command structure, but at the same time retain flexibility and the capacity for change.