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Renee Lewis - Holland & Knight LLP

Corporate Lawyers in Chicago, IL

Renee Lewis is a Holland & Knight's partner and a member of the firm's Financial Services Practice Group. Ms. Lewis advises company executives and owners on complex financing structures and transactions. Renee's typical clients include financial institutions, p...
Robert Brown - ESOPPlus: Schatz Brown Glassman LLP

Corporate Lawyers in Rochester, NY

Rob Brown has practiced tax law, corporate finance law and employee benefits law for many years. His technical knowledge and broad-ranging experience enable him to counsel you about exiting your business in a way that...
Grant McCorkhill - Holland & Knight LLP

Corporate Lawyers in Chicago, IL

Grant McCorkhill is a partner in Holland & Knight's Chicago office. His practice focuses on ESOP transactions, ESOP financing, commercial and real estate transactions and related finance transactions. Mr. McCorkhill represents both borrowers and lenders in ESOP, commercial and real est...
Robert Schatz - ESOPPlus: Schatz Brown Glassman LLP

Corporate Lawyers in West Hartford, CT

Rob Schatz brings a strong ESOP Plus® practice to serve you whether you are a lender, an investor, a corporate sponsors, a stockholder an employee group or a fiduciary. Rob has many years of ESOP centered&n...
Robert Grossman - Polsinelli

Corporate Lawyers in Kansas City, MO

Robert (Bob) Grossman is a nationally-recognized ESOP authority, known for providing sophisticated, but practical, advice to shareholders, boards, management teams and fiduciaries of employee-owned companies, including some of the largest and most successful in the country.
Richard Glassman - ESOPPlus: Schatz Brown Glassman LLP

Corporate Lawyers in West Hartford, CT

Rich Glassman’s  is a founding member of ESOP Plus®  a law practice with a focus on ESOP planning, with more than 3 decades of experience as general counsel and senior manager with publicly-traded and closely-held companies. Rich Glassman was Pre...
David Surbeck - Holland & Knight LLP

Corporate Lawyers in Philadelphia, PA

David Surbeck represents lenders and borrowers in financing transactions from initial ESOP leveraged financings, through refinancing and restructuring stages an...
John A. Kober - Morgan Lewis & Bockius

Corporate Lawyers in Dallas, TX

John A. Kober is a partner in Morgan Lewis's Business and Finance Practice. He is currently the Managing Partner of the Dallas office an...

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