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Kevin Long - Employee Benefits Law Group PC

Executive Compensation Lawyers in San Jose, CA

Over the last 25 years, Kevin has helped guide over 400 ESOPs and ESOP companies to success, from setting up new ESOPs to taking over underserved ESOPs that were ready to thrive at the next level. They represent the spectrum of publicly traded corporations and privately held companies, from pr...
Joan Cannon - McGrath North

Executive Compensation Lawyers in Omaha, NE

Joan has been practicing law since 1981 and is passionate about helping clients solve their employee benefits problems. She loves ERISA and the tax code as she helps clients with complex benefit plan issues.  She works closely with other employee benefits experts in-house along with&...
Michael Canan - Gray Robinson

Executive Compensation Lawyers in Orlando, FL

Mike's experience and practice includes all phases of qualified retirement plan work, with special emphasis on the establishment and continued maintenance of ESOPs; plan design, including cross-testing, defined benefit plans, and 401(k) and (m) features; controlled group and affiliated ser...
Marc Schechter - Butterfield Schechter LLP

Executive Compensation Lawyers in San Diego, CA

Marc Schechter is a founding partner of Butterfield Schechter LLP. His client base ranges through almost all sizes and industries, from sole practitioner lawyers and physicians to publicly traded corporations, and even members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Marc specializes in t...
Christopher Buch - Polsinelli

Executive Compensation Lawyers in Chicago, IL

Chris Buch's (pronounced "Buk") practice focuses on employee benefits and executive compensation matters. Mr. Buch represents Fortune 500 & publicly traded companies, private corporations and closely held entities.  Chris’ practice covers ESOPs, advising and ...
Wendy Gilligan - Employee Benefits Law Group PC

Executive Compensation Lawyers in Folsom, CA

Wendy guides business owners and their advisors through ESOP transactions and employee benefits issues in non-ESOP mergers and acquisitions. From the transaction planning phase through closing, she represents sellers, buyers, fiduciaries and their advisors. She facilitates clear communication ...
Sheryl Bayani-Alzona - Employee Benefits Law Group PC

Executive Compensation Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

Sheryl C. Bayani-Alzona ...
Sean Sullivan - Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP

Executive Compensation Lawyers in Nashville, TN

From small doctors' groups to multi-national, publicly traded businesses, a diverse group of companies utilize Sean's services. In all cases, Sean is drawn to the personal, non-abstract nature of his work. He does not "give advice from an ivory tower," and appreciates that re...
James Bristol - Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP

Executive Compensation Lawyers in Birmingham, AL

James Bristol advises clients, From startup ventures to publicly traded companies, on all types of compensation and benefits. Well-versed in federal and state tax rules, ERISA, SEC disclosures, and the myriad regulations that surround benefits and compensation packages, James  Bristol emb...

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For Executive Retention, ESOP Compensation Options

How should your small to medium business retain talented executives? This is a constant challenge for owners of such businesses. In many cases, offering salaries on a level competitive with larger corporations that vie to attract the best talent may turn out to be too financially onerous for your company. One way to prevent your best executives from being poached by larger companies is by offering creatively structured benefits. An ESOP, when used as part of an executive compensation package, can serve as a great retention incentive for your management class, while allowing you to avoid the onerous financial burden and restricted cash flow that stems from pay increases and more traditional benefits. To explore the ways that you can use ESOP compensation to retain executives, contact any of our expert and knowledgeable ESOP advisors today!