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Travis Matthews

Name: Travis Matthews
Company: OneAmerica Companies
Title: Field VP

p: 860.299.5316
1 American Square
Indianapolis, IN 46282
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Preparing for a close

A new ESOP was preparing for its closing. The 100% owner was trying to decide whether to take a 1042 election and defer the capital gains (which... Read the full case study >

ESOP has a 404 deduction issue

OneAmerica was involved in a finalist presentation for a prospective 401(k) and DB client (1 401(k) $25mm, 2 DBs totaling $25mm).  As it turne... Read the full case study >

Re-Balancing an ESOP

A long-standing OneAmerica ESOP client wanted to add rebalancing to their ESOP.  Rebalancing is a technique used in ESOPs that have both stock... Read the full case study >

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