Family-Owned Construction Company - Case Study

Family-Owned Construction Company by an ESOP Advisor.

A family-owned construction company brought the Leading With Courage Academy in for a program on Everything DiSC for its top leaders and managers, including the president, CFO, and head of HR.  Each person completed an Everything DiSC assessment.  As part of the program they learned how to read the DiSC style of others based on four observable behaviors.  To give them first-hand experience with the method, they were asked to read the style of the company’s president and one of their best customers.  During the group sharing process, the president noted how he been misreading the customer’s behavior preferences and tendencies, which he said probably explained why he wasn’t as successful in building a relationship with him.  This program was followed up with an assessment of employee engagement across the company and the development of an Engaged Purpose Statement.  Progress is updated every 90 days via e-surveys that take 10 minutes to complete.  After just two quarterly updates, employee engagement, which was already high, showed noticeable improvements.