Diana Luhmann, VP Human Resources, Nisum Technologies

Diana Luhmann, VP Human Resources, Nisum Technologies by Kirsti Tcherkoyan an ESOP Advisor.

I was looking for a solution for a pilot Leadership Development program we were creating for a select group of high potential leaders.  We required a customized solution as we wanted to keep it relevant to the reality of our business and the various levels of our leaders’ development stage.  I appreciated that Kirsti didn’t overcomplicate the process nor did her approach feel “formulaic”.  She listened to our needs, asked the right questions and quickly provided us with a recommendation that we then customized to meet our needs. Kirsti crafted a solution for us that included a blend of strategic and operational learning for our leaders and flexed this approach as she got to know the team and their challenges to ensure they were getting the development they needed for future success.  In Kirsti I truly feel I have a unique and valuable partner.