Exit Planning and Valuation

Exit Planning and Valuation by Chris E. Best an ESOP Advisor.

Eventually, every business owner will exit his or her business – whether voluntarily or otherwise. At that time, every owner wants to accomplish certain personal, business, financial, and estate planning goals. Most fail to do so. According to a number of surveys, efforts by business owners to exit their businesses have been, on average, less than satisfying. The majority of business owners regret the decision to sell their company because the sale did not accomplish their personal or business objectives. Most of these business owners cite the lack of knowledge or understanding of the available exit strategies.

Exit planning is the deliberate, adaptable, and customized process for assisting business owners with a successful strategy to exit from their company. It is designed to provide the owner with information regarding available exit strategies so that he or she can make an informed decision. A well-designed and implemented exit plan will help owners achieve the personal, business, and financial legacies they want to achieve upon their eventual exit from their business.

A properly prepared exit plan begins with...

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