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James Urbach

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Name: James Urbach
Company: Urbach Law Group
Title: Partner

p: (904) 541-1050
f: 904-212-0104
1690 Atlantic Beach Drive
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233
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James has served as an ERISA attorney in his early years, and for over 20 years served as an independent ESOP trustee. Serving as an independent fiduciary for ESOP Companies, James has worked with hundreds of companies and their former owners work through the ESOP Transition and transaction process.


University of San Francisco School of Law

Dept of Labor - Staff Investigator


James has extensive experience serving as an independent trustee and ESOP Fiduciary. James has served his clients acting as Independent Trustee in initial transactions and now only serves clients in an ongoing fiduciary capacity for ESOP companies ranging from 50 to over 1300 employee participants.

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