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Susan Petrirena

Name: Susan Petrirena
Company: Swerdlin and Company
Title: Business Development Consultant

p: 678-775-5506
f: 678-735-3006
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Susan entered the field of employee benefits over 30 years ago and has extensive experience in all types of retirement plans, including ESOPs, 401(k), 457, and nonqualified.  She is a member of the Administrative Committee of the National ESOP Association and is active in the NCEO. She is a frequent speaker at ESOP conferences, both locally and nationally.


Susan earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida. 


Susan is the Senior Consultant primarily responsible for ESOP client relations and the continued growth of ESOPs at Swerdlin. Susan managed the Defined Contribution team at Swerdlin for many years.

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